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The foundation for a sustainable future - eFootprint/CLCD: an integrated data and software tool for LCA solutions and services.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) uses scientific methods to systematically assess the environmental impact of products or services. The key to success is using effective professional tools. The online WebLCA system provides carbon footprint data, tools, and platform systems such as eFootprint/CLCD. It features real-time cloud database updates, powerful internet functionalities for multiple user collaboration, and can be used for life cycle modeling and analysis of various industry products. It automatically generates LCA reports, supports product carbon footprints, water footprints, environmental footprints, etc., and is an essential tool for modern enterprises facing sustainable ESG challenges.

生命周期评估(LCA)使用科学方法步骤,来系统性的评估产品或服务对环境造成的冲击;成功的关键在于使用有效的专业工具。在线生命周期评价(webLCA)系统,提供eFootprint/CLCD等碳足迹数据、工具、平台系统,具备云端数据库实时更新和多人协作的强大互联网功能,可用于各类行业产品的生命周期建模、 计算分析、并自动生成 LCA 报告,支持产品碳足迹、水足迹、环境足迹等评价,是现代企业面临永续ESG挑战的必备工具。

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WebLCA Tool Software


  • Launched by Asia's top university, Sichuan University, between 2006-2010. They introduced the first Chinese background LCA/carbon footprint database CLCD and the professional LCA software eBalance.

  • In 2009, they received the UNEP LCA Award. In 2013, they developed the world's first online LCA system eFootprint and supported the EU PEF guidelines.

  • In 2015, the world's first full-featured LCA online system based on the internet, eFootprint, was put into practical use, marking the global LCA's entry into the internet era. It is still the only large-scale applied LCA online system internationally and was officially designated by the UNEP for use in the 2017 and 2019 LCA Award competitions.

  • In 2020, they released an integrated one-stop SaaS service platform WebLCA and opened the database platform interface.

eFootprint/CLCD’s Extensive Collaboration and Services:

  • Broad Service Range: eFootprint/CLCD services hundreds of universities in the Asia and China regions, industry associations, authoritative certification institutions such as SGS, TUV Nord, Intertek, and other large consulting and certification service organizations. Furthermore, it caters to thousands of leading enterprises.

  • In 2023, the CJCHT Group, through its subsidiary Nanozeo Inc in Taiwan, introduced international supply chains. The expansion plan also includes collaboration with top domestic and international academic institutions and certification companies. These partnerships aim to deliver professional LCA training, model building, and open services for software/database platforms.

  • Features Highlights:

  1. ​Comprehensive Carbon Management Solutions:(a). Custom Software Integration: Elevate your organization’s carbon management capabilities with our Custom Software, tailored to meet the unique integration and development needs of enterprises and research units, providing specialized interfaces that streamline workflows and foster innovation. (b). Advanced Database Access: Access a wealth of knowledge with our Advanced Database Add-ons, extending beyond the standard CLCD, ELCD and ecoinvent(public) databases to further include as desired to the ecoinvent (professional) datasets, ensuring a robust and integrated platform for all your carbon management needs, while addressing the critical issues of data authorization and collaboration in supply chain management.​

  2. Affordability: Entry level LCA report-based model:RMB 5000/3-reports/product; or Upgraded level calculation-based model: RMB20,000 per year that users can gain unlimited access to the carbon footprint database and modeling display values.

  3. User-friendliness: Supports both Chinese and English.

  4. Comprehensive Data: Integrates CLCD Asian supply chain manufacturing database and international databases like ecoinvent and the EU's ELCD.

  5. Training: Offers diverse online and offline courses.

  6. Support: Nearly a hundred internationally certified consulting firms provide support.

Introduced exclusively to Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region by the CJCHT Group from WebLCA (; Partnered with major academic institutions and financial foundations for LCA training. Aims to place Taiwan at the forefront of global sustainability trends and adapt to carbon border tax requirements. 


Other Recommended Quality Software Tools:

Life Cycle Tool Software


  • Introduced by the Netherlands in 1990, SimaPro is a Life Cycle Assessment tool primarily designed for Windows systems. It facilitates evaluations for various green indicators such as carbon footprint, water footprint, and environmental footprint.

  • Database ecoinvent (Switzerland):

  • Encompasses over ten manufacturing categories with approximately 13,000 processes:

  1. Agri-footprint (Netherlands) – Agricultural-related process database.

  2. USLCI – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency inventory database.

  3. Industry Data – Includes databases from the World Steel Association and other industrial processes.

  4. EU&DK Input Output Database – Database for the EU and Denmark regions.

  5. Environmental impact indicators included: Carbon footprint (IPCC 2021), Environmental footprint (EF3.0, including global warming, ozone layer, acidification, eutrophication, photochemical oxidation, water footprint), and other environmental impact assessment methods and indicators.


Life Cycle Tool Software

GaBi  (Germany)

GaBi is an LCA software tool and also a Material Flow Analysis (MFA) software. It offers a visualization operating environment related to the process, foundational databases (LCI datasets) from various countries, and advanced features like scenario analysis. GaBi effectively supports carbon footprint calculations, EPD, Ecological Profile, and more. In addition to calculating carbon footprint, acid rain, ozone layer destruction, eutrophication, it can also add cost (LCC) and working environment (LCWE) based on the fundamental unit of material flow. This makes GaBi a sustainable product evaluation software that considers environmental, economic, and social aspects.

  • System Requirements: Windows 7 or higher.


Life Cycle Tool Software


  • Developed by GreenDelta, an independent sustainable development consulting and software company based in Berlin, Germany, openLCA is an open-source Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software introduced in 2006. It features a wide range of functionalities and diverse databases. Recommended by the U.S. government, its user base spans the academic sector, government agencies, and the corporate sector. Originally, openLCA was designed for modeling and calculation of environmental life cycle assessments, but it can also be extended for the life cycle assessments of products and economics.

  • openLCA is a standalone software that can operate without an internet connection. Currently, it supports operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Furthermore, openLCA can collaborate well with web-based database forms and connect with local databases to update data or models. This allows its widespread application in areas like carbon footprint, water footprint, Life Cycle Costing (LCC), and Design for Environment (DfE).

  • Using openLCA, you can perform a complete LCA across Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms, as it's a high-performance open-source LCA software. Data is at the heart of LCA, and openLCA provides a comprehensive collection of databases and datasets for widely available LCA software. Some can be purchased, while others are free. Databases can be searched on the U.S. government website (most are paid), and the South Korean government also collaborates with openLCA to construct a national-level LCA computation and database center.

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