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NANOZEO 新商标:FreshMagic®




NANOZEO 技术保护伞,主要由FreshMagic®和ZEO®两大系列构成,并在其中文字样上也拥有相关商标权。这些技术保护伞,显示我们持续的努力已经获得广大的肯定,并且持续在可持续性发展、绿色包装和有机产品的领域取得先机。


NANOZEO.Inc 2015年9月18日發布。

NANOZEO Trademark :FreshMagic®

It’s our great honor and pleasure to announce our new approved Taiwanese Trademark: FreshMagic®, in addition to our trademark and patent portfolios for better protection umbrella offered to our clients and supply chains.

NANOZEO’s IP system composed of FreshMagic® and ZEO®, alone with its Chinese counterpart trademarks separately, shows a continuous effort and has gained a tremendous achievement in realms of sustainability, green packaging and organics.

Thanks to CJCHT and TGI’s continuous support to make things happen, NANOZEO team will continue to maintain its leading position in China and Asia, while extending to other regions like US, Africa, India, and Europe.


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