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ZEO® Carbon Footprint certifications and Carbon Neutural box supply chain + Q&A

Background: CJCHT Group requires all supply chain companies involved to conduct carbon footprint analysis, and use “technology” to break the tie, by employment of ZEO® low carbon solutions to reduce energy and paper consumption, which has been highly recognized as one of the best sustainability projects by the customer and third party verifications. ZEO® corrugated supply chain is growing rapidly with more and more companies joined and supported. Come and help us bring your supply chain greener and more sustainable at almost no cost incurred.

1. ZEO® Carbon Footprint Analysis: ClearCarbon instructed by Wal Mart has conducted a simplified carbon footprint product analysis on the ZEO® corrugate box to understand the reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with box light-weighting, where a standardized Carbon Footprint Model and Data have been established and verified for further applications. Overall, the ZEO® Box compared to the average cardboard box saves a lot of CO2e per year, by the carbon footprint analysis considered the relevant “life cycle” phases of the box, including: Raw material, Raw material transportation, Manufacturing of the box, and Distribution of the box. Details as attached Appendix 1.

2. ZEO® Carbon Neutral and Verification Process: a. Carbon Footprint analysis nd calculations: via the simplified carbon footprint model and data provided by ClearCarbon and Wal Mart, CJCHT/TMIT will assist supply chain corrugated companies to measure and manage associated carbon footprint (in a reduced manner) of the production order for corrugated boxes. b. Carbon Credit purchase: the required Carbon Credit to offset the carbon emissions per product order of ZEO® corrugated boxes will be purchased on open market by bidding for either the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CERs) or independent voluntary standards (VERs); a report of retired carbon credit usage to either end customer or the production plant will be issued by CJCHT/TMIT with certified and legalized number by CERs or VERs. c. Carbon Neutral and Labels: the retired or used VERs or CERs carbon credits to offset the associated corrugated boxes will be labeled via ZEO® stamp (as attached Appendix 2) with proper indications and legalized numbers hereon for due diligence check.

3. Q&A:

(1) What is “Carbon Neutral?”

Answer: “Carbon Neutral” or “Carbon Offset” refers to achieving net zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset, or buying enough carbon credits to make up the difference. ZEO® Carbon Netural further refers to reducing energy and material used in the corrugated boxes and offsetting the residual amount by a less number of carbon credits as a goal.

(2) What is the difference between normal corrugated boxes and ZEO® boxes for Carbon Netural?

Answer: Due to the light weighted and less energy used nature of ZEO® boxes, it is certified and exercised transparently that ZEO® boxes can provide a more cost saving scheme in pursuits of Carbon Netural practices. The ZEO® Carbon Footprint model provides a faster, easier and efficient calculation on Carbon Footprints and therefore facilitates the whole process of Carbon Netural, while providing numerous check-and-balance, order-by-order legalized numbers in place for accumulation and improvement later on.

(3) Is the certification and legalization process used by ZEO® Carbon Netural “credible”?

Answer: Yes. And it’s probably more credible than you can imagine. Unlike some Carbon Netural companies claiming a past-recorded offset and carbon neutral for probably several years’ ago emissions, ZEO® Carbon Netural is aiming at Current and On-going emissions generated per order base and is offsetting them by each true and genuine *CERs or *VERs carbon credits with transparently retired or used records. *the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CERs) and independent voluntary standards (VERs).

*the United Nations Clean Development Mechanism (CERs) and independent voluntary standards (VERs).


纳米石® 碳足迹技术认证与”碳中和”纸箱供应链介绍+问与答

背景介绍: 曦爵集团公司要求供应链进行碳足迹分析,以”科技力”破局,引进纳米石®低碳技术,低温生产省能源,少纸包装省资源,一举荣获客人及第三方双认证的”永续发展”殊荣。

1. 纳米石® 碳足迹(Carbon Footprint)分析:

经第三方美国清洁碳公司/沃尔玛公司就纳米石®瓦楞纸箱的生产技术,进行碳足迹模型及数据库分析,作为标准化碳足迹简易快速分析的基础。验证结果证明,纳米石®纸箱生产工艺,在碳足迹分析纸箱 “生命周期”阶段中”原物料、原物料运输、纸箱的制造、纸箱的配送”等方面,节省了大量碳排放量。详细内容,见附件之验证报告。

2. 纳米石® 碳中和(Carbon Neutral)标志及流程:

a. 纸箱的碳计算: 经由清洁碳公司/沃尔玛公司所提供的纳米石®纸箱碳足迹模型及数据库,由 CJCHT/TMIT 免费协助供应链纸箱厂,计算纸箱订单的碳排放量并发出碳排量评估报告,决定碳排放量。

b. 碳中和所需碳权的购买: 由CJCHT/TMIT 就评估所需碳权数量,在公开市场进行标售,并公告通知供应链纸箱厂及客户。

c. 碳权使用及标示: 由 CJCHT/TMIT 就标售所得的碳权,制作该批纸箱所使用碳权的碳中和标章,并由生产工厂标示,出具该批生产纸箱之碳排放量于生产出厂时,已将碳排中和、具备零碳排的积极减排意义,积少成多,即知即行,立刻见效。

3. 问与答:

(1) 何谓”碳中和” (Carbon Neutral)? 答: 「碳中和」(Carbon Neutral)是指透过一连串使用再生能源以及省能设备等措施降低碳排放量,并最终透过碳抵换(Carbon Offsets),购买抵销无法减少之碳排放量,以达到温室气体的零排放,防止地球持续暖化的目标。

(2) 纳米石®纸箱进行”碳中和”交易,与一般纸箱有何差异? 答: 纳米石®纸箱可以提供更少的碳排放量,且附有经第三方分析认证的碳足迹模型和数据库,可以作为标准化纸箱碳足迹分析的基础,更快、更低成本的进行碳排放量评估,以便更进一步进行节能减排改善及碳中和流程的后续作业。

(3) 纳米石®纸箱的碳中和的碳权使用和标示,有公信力吗? 答:采用国际市场公认的平台及联合国认可的一级碳权,可选择符合*CERs 或 VERs 的规范,为最多人指定使用的碳权认证,并可查证验收。


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