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ZEO Greens市场情报/主题:可持续产品和可回收包装的创新和趋势


ZeoGreens Quarterly / March 2020 / Issue No. 2

Theme of this issue: Innovations and Trends of Sustainable Products and Recyclable Packaging


The world began to focus on and invest in the recycling system and management of plastic products and packaging, companies design and produce recyclable products, and cooperate with local recycling programs. This will be the first step towards sustainable packaging. ZEO® Greens products are also in line with today’s trends. Companies are encouraged to work together to face environmental issues.

全球開始注重與投資塑料產品與包裝的回收系統與管理,企業設計並生產可以回收的產品,以及配合當地的回收計畫。這將是走向永續包裝的第一步。ZEO® Greens的產品也正符合當今趨勢,鼓勵各企業攜手合作正視環保議題。

Article citations:

1.Recycling journey of a plastic bottle

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  1. Abstract: Several empty bottles are thrown into a beverage bottle recycling machine. This machine is about 2 meters high and has a touch screen, a bottle opening, a QR code scanning area and a printer on the body. In Beijing, there are more than 5,000 recycling machines that integrate mobile payment and Internet of Things technologies, distributed at bus stops, schools, supermarkets, and residential areas.

  2. Source:

2.Beverage giants pledge $100M to support bottle recycling

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  1. Abstract: The beverage giants this morning announced “Every Bottle Back,” a series of initiatives related to capturing more discarded plastic bottles and improving the recycling system. The project is facilitated through the American Beverage Association (ABA).

  2. Source:

3.An industrial first “SLIDE to SHOW” design is available by ZEO PDQ team

  1. Abstract: It combines the shipment and the display features into one smart and beautiful 2 in 1 design. Shipments with PDQ skirt covering goods inside as protection and saving space, while over the pallets rack at the shops for a better display height lifted to show products in the PDQ.

  2. Source:

4.Sateri makes viscose using recycled textile commercially

  1. Abstract: Sateri, the world’s largest producer of viscose fibre, has announced that it has successfully produced viscose fibre regenerated from textile waste on a commercial scale. The high-quality new fibre uses a mix of dissolving pulp made from recycled post-consumer textile waste by the Swedish company Södra, and other PEFC-certified wood pulp.

  2. Source:

5.ZEO® Greens & Recycled Plastics

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  1. Abstract: ZEO-Recycled Solutions recommend using recycled methods to mitigate the environmental problems. By using either recycled plastics or recycled bio-mass (like crushed shells) in the plastics, it can greatly reduce the amount of plastics used, and significantly degrade faster and safer in burning.

  2. Source:

6.Shanghai Vows To Improve Trash Sorting, Increase Recycling in 2020

  1. Abstract: Shanghai city had completed the renovation of over 21,000 trash-sorting stations and built over 15,000 recycling stations as of January. Shanghai also recycled 4,049 tons of trash per day in 2019, a 431.8% increase compared with the previous year. In 2020, Shanghai should improve its current sorting system to collect over 6,000 tons of recyclable waste and sort over 9,000 tons of wet waste daily.

  2. Source:

7.China’s zero-waste activists fight overconsumption

  1. Abstract: Parcels piled high at sorting centers and drivers speeding down bike lanes to deliver takeout lunches are ubiquitous sights in urban China, where e-commerce and delivery apps have taken over everyday life. The government announced plans to ban plastic bags in major cities and single-use straws from restaurants by the end of this year.

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